Our Q-Ride Courses

Here at NQ Ride we have a variety of different courses. Whether you're looking to get your licence or are wanting to do advanced training, we have courses available to suit you. Our courses are run daily.

Learner or Refresher

Duration: 2 Day Course
Minimum RE Learner Permit

Our 2 day course is perfect for beginners, learning to ride, or for those that haven't been riding for a while.

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Experienced wanting RE Licence

Duration: 1 Day Course
Must hold RE Learner Permit

Our 1 day course is designed for those who have motorcycle experience wanting to upgrade to an RE licence.

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Experienced wanting R Licence

Duration: 1 Day Course
Must hold RE Class Licence

Our 1 day course is designed for those who have motorcycle experience wanting to upgrade to an R licence.

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Twilight Courses

Duration: 1 Day Course
Minimum RE Learner Permit

This course is run Tuesday to Friday evenings.


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Private Training

Duration: Minimum 1 hour
Minimum RE Learner Permit

If you would like private 1 on 1 training, look no further.


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Corporate Days / Group Bookings

Duration: 1 Day Course
Minimum RE Learner Permit

Get a group of 3 - 5 people together and have a great day!.


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Learn in a Fun & Relaxed Environment at your pace! Beginners to Advanced. Pre & Post Licence Coaching available. .

Proudly supporting our local Australian Defence Force Staff and Families for over 15 years and proud sponsors of Mates4Mates.

NQ Ride offers all Australian Defence Staff and their families a 10% Discount on all Products and Services, and midweek specials including:

Q-Ride Training & Assessing / Refresher Courses
Private Advanced Coaching / Pre & Post Licensing Training
Maintenance Courses / Bike Setup
RS Taichi Protective Clothing

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Here at NQ Ride we have a variety of different courses. Whether you're looking to get your licence or are wanting to do advanced training, we have courses available to suit you. Whatever it may be that you're after, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Our Testimonials

I have known Jay Davis-Goodall for several years. As a former rider who was keen to get back on a bike after a long break I decided to go out to NQ Ride to brush up on my skills. I found Jay very informative and passionate about the importance of safe riding practises and defensive riding techniques. He was more than willing to help me and extend his services to the players and staff of the Cowboys Rugby League Club.

NQ Cowboys players and staff have benefited from his knowledge and tuition. He has a very thorough approach to helping individuals develop riding skills and awareness. Jay has built up a vast array of experience over the years and delivers his messages in a clear and practical way, emphasising the key safety points and skills necessary to become an alert and thoughtful rider. He has certainly allowed me to enjoy the riding experience with a view to safety and awareness.

I would thoroughly recommend Jay to anyone contemplating getting on a bike for the very first time or an experienced rider wishing to improve his or her knowledge and skills on the road.

Neil Henry (Head Coach North Queensland Cowboys, 2009 - 2013)

I completed the QRide training provided by Jay Davis-Goodall in October 2012. I was totally impressed - you could not ask for a better instructor. His unique skill set, approach, knowledge, riding skills, experience, empathy and most importantly the ability to pass this on to students is without compare. I develop and deliver many training courses professionally and would rate the 2 day course with Jay as possibly the best training course I have ever attended.

He is everything you would desire in a trainer. Due to these qualities, I have continued my rider training by engaging Jay privately on a regular basis. I have advanced my riding skills, knowledge of motorcycles, awareness of road conditions and (car) driver psychology at a rate that would never have been possible without him. Literally lifesaving. I would recommend him without reservation.

Mike Hanks (Principal Scientist at Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)

Jay has amazing knowledge of motorcycle tyre performance and how to match tyres to a persons particular riding needs and style. This capability is complimented by his deep insights into suspension functionality and overall bike setup, enabling riders to truly extract the best performance results from their machines. He is extremely customer focused - approachable, helpful and very knowledgable, and is always keen to pass on good, safe riding practices achieved through many years of racing and rider instruction.

Ken Stevenson (Manager Reporting Customer Service at Ergon Energy Corp Ltd)

Jay is a passionate and knowledgeable Motorcycle Safety specialist, he has utilised his broad range of skill sets to provide a complete service in the area of Motorcycling and Road Safety.

Melvin Eveleigh (Manager Safer Roads, Centre for Road Safety)

When I see some new riders on the road at times making some basic mistakes, I think to myself, these guys were not trained by Jay. There’s no way, they left Jay’s training and would be riding like that. I say that, because I’ve never worked with a trainer who pays so much attention to detail and the “little” things in new rider training than Jay does.

Motorcycling as we all know can be dangerous, and it’s the lessons we learn early on that stick with us throughout our riding years that can make a big difference. Jay’s students come out of his training better prepared in my opinion than from any other school – anywhere in Australia – period! His passion and commitment is contagious, and his care factor for his students is second to none.

I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of attending a number of training sessions with Jay and plan to continue doing so. He’s looked after me from beginner and as I head towards more advanced skills training over the years. He’s always there for me outside of these times also – always ready and willing to answer any questions I have and give me advice. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Drazen Drazic

A huge thank you to Jay for the excellent ladies only training course I did on the weekend 28/29March. Jay was a great support in getting me back on a bike after 40+ years! He encouraged me to push boundaries when he knew I was ready and encouraged me to practise areas I needed more work on.

There was no BS and I was confident in Jay's integrity that I would not have been taken out on the road if I was not ready. It was a very comprehensive course and one I would recommend for anyone wanting to be a safe rider. I found Jay's questioning particularly useful because if we did something wrong we had to analyse what we did and had to be able to articulate this to Jay. What better learning.

I had a great weekend. Thank you to Jay and to the other ladies on the course.

Merran Matheson

NQ Ride, Townsville are lucky to have 'Jay' here. The enthusiastic, and relaxed nature of the training helped me get the most out of the course and walk away feeling much more confident and safer. Jay's knowledge with racing, tyre testing, an accident investigation were a great additional bonus.

I did my 2 day course in Oct this year and will be back in twelve months for the next one. I don't think you could do any better then this Q-Ride course at 'NQ Ride'. The little things Jay picked up on my riding to improve, gee I thought he was psychic. Really impressed with the level of enthusiasm and training at NQ Ride. Cheers.

Ken Flint

Thanks to Jay and the team at NQ Ride. I've now completed both RE and R licenses with Jay. His teaching and mentoring approach is second to none, and he instills confidence and inspiration in every one of his students. If you want to learn the key points on how to ride and enjoy your motorcycling, then look no further than Jay at NQ Ride.

Jay is a credit to his industry, and we are very lucky to have such a knowledgable and passionate expert in FNQ. His experience in his field is unparalleled, and this can be appreciated by the ease in which he is able to explain and divulge tough concepts without difficulty.

Thanks again Jay for all your help, teaching and mentoring. I will continue to use all the skills you have taught me, to ensure my safety and enjoyment out on my bike.

Tom Robben

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NQ Ride Motorcycle Training is North Queensland’s premier Q-Ride training specialists and Townsville’s only local purpose built training facility.

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